Pol van Eyghen
Global Business Assistance

Belgian - born 1962 - an optimistic realist

5 languages and a wide range of international contacts

German, more than 25 years of experience
Dutch, native speaker
English, San José State University, California, USA
Spanish, Spanish Highschool, Valencia, Spain
French, university studies at "Ècole de Commerce", Bordeaux, France


I use all of the above languages regularly and speak them fluently as
acquired in the respective countries. I also have the cultural background
knowledgeindispensible for successful business communications and
I have been working in international business for more than 25 years - experence guaranteed.

25 years experience in international industries

Automotive suppliers
ManagingDirector, Grupo Antolin Saarlouis
Quality control Auditor, Lignotock Sontra (now Faurecia)

System & Machinery Engineering
Sales Director, FORI & KOMEG (now DÜRR), 4H-Hubel

Export Manager, Faber Kabel

International Economic Promotion
Project DirectorgwSaar: Economic Promotion Agency, Saarland Germany

Technology Transfer
Executive Director, FITT - Institut for Technology Transfer at the
University of Applied Sciences (HTW), Saarland